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Welcome to Devtamin

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Devtamin provides a variety of quality programming courses. Instructors will guide you through the essential fundamentals of programming. Then, students will enhance their programming abilities through workshops.

Aug 12

Alex Uanvilay

Posted by admin on 12/08/1919


I launch Devtamin because I am passionate about teaching computer programming. When I first started coding, I had a hard time finding a good course online. I could not afford Bootcamp due to the high cost.  I want to make a better choice for students to access quality education with a small fee. I promise students will get the most important skills from my courses.


  • Founder, Instructor, Content Management, Web Development, etc


  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, React & Redux
  • Node.js, PHP, C#, Java, Vb.net
  • SQL Server, MySql, NoSQL, MongoDB
  • Computer Network, Cisco routing and switch, Linux command line
  • Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Illustrator


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at National University of Laos
  • Associate Degree in CyberSecurity at Community College of Baltimore


  • Intern at Skytelecom, PHP Developer at Skymediator.com, Founder Hannoy.com (close), Founder Devtamin.com


  • Netflix, Play Guitar, FIFA

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