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Devtamin provides a variety of quality programming courses. Instructors will guide you through the essential fundamentals of programming. Then, students will enhance their programming abilities through workshops.

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C# Basic and Advanced: Creating a Point of Sale System

Welcome to the C# Basic and Advanced:  Creating a Point of Sale System. The course covers all the fundamental concepts of C# and Microsoft SQL SERVER for Database. …

PHP with Laravel : Create a Restaurant Management System

Welcome to the PHP with Laravel – Create a Restaurant Management System. The course covers the concepts of using PHP and Laravel Framework to build an innovative…

Learn How to Create a WordPress Theme Like Professional

If you are interested in creating a WordPress Theme. For developers, learning how to create a WordPress can be confusing. If you take this, you will be…

Learn React for beginners 2021

The course covers all the fundamental concepts of React.  This course is absolutely for beginners who want to start coding React. To make students understand deeply about…

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Al***to Mor***s

It is a great course and Alex helped me so much when i had questions

D*mas Can*** K***ma

This tutorial is so detail. I can follow those steps well.

Am** M*r*d

At this point, the course looks easy and in understandable manner.

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Welcome to Devtamin! we makes education affordable for everyone. Students will learn from experienced programmers. All courses are well-designed. After finishing our courses, you will know how to create a real project.

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How to Fix All-in-One WP Migration Stuck at 100%

This article will show you how to fix all All-in-One WP Migration getting stuck at 100%. For example,  All-in-One WP Migration allows you to upload up to 512 MB for free edition. If your file is less than 512 MB…

My Favorite Text Editor in 2019

Text editors are a tool for developers to make their lives easier.  Nowadays, there are a lot of text editors out there. For me, my favorite text editor in 2019 is Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code is available for…